Thursday, November 24, 2011

Closet Clothing Dividers

Pinterest is good for so many things.  Aside from wasting time, it gave me the idea to make dividers for the closet in the nursery.

It is such an easy way to know what you've got for your little one so that you make sure they wear it all before they outgrow it!

I started taking pictures a little late in the process, and was doing this at night, so the pictures are kind of crappy... anyways.

Start with some cardboard, I used cereal boxes.

I grabbed something circular out of the kitchen and traced in onto the cardboard, connected the two circles with lines, and made sure to create a slot so it would fit on the closet rod.

After all that, this was what I was left with:

I then traced used that one as a template to make duplicates.

I made a stop at Michaels and picked up some scrap book paper in the colors that I will be using in the nursery.  The paper cost me about $1.59.  A steal!

I lucked out and was able to use one sheet of paper per divider.  I cut the paper in half and used spray adhesive to make it all come together.

After a little more cutting, I was left with these:

I think they are pretty adorable, and practical, which makes me love them even more!

They look pretty fantastic in the closet (the closet has since been painted blue) and is already dividing up some of his cute little clothes!

And in case you were wondering, those are two Halloween costumes filed under 9 - 12 months there.  Don't ask me why I've got costumes already - they were a good deal and I couldn't resist.

So here is project #1 in the (hopefully) many I will be doing for the nursery.

Only 14 weeks to go til he arrives!


  1. Desiree that is too cute! Good idea.

  2. Brilliant idea, am going to use this one!