Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The End (Of Pregnancy) Is Near...

As of Saturday, April 6th, I am 39 weeks pregnant.  The end of this pregnancy is so close, and it brings with it so many feelings and emotions.

I am so excited to meet this baby girl.  I can't wait to see what she looks like (right now when I try to envision it, she looks exactly like Harrison did as a newborn), what colour hair she has, if she looks like me or if I have another Bobby Doppleganger on my hands.  I am actually looking forward to the labour and delivery, believe it or not.  This time, we are planning a homebirth, which I am excited about.  When I had Harrison, part of my 'birth plan' was to stay at home as long as possible, which could have very easily led to a homebirth as we were still at our house when I had the urge to push!  I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to have a homebirth.  My home is where I feel the most comfortable and happy, and being comfortable and happy during labour can't hurt!  It also helps that my labour and delivery with Harrison was complication free and my midwives are totally on board with it.  I think the only thing I will miss about the hospital is the bed.  Definitely not for comfort, but for the electric reclining part of it.

I am overwhelmed at the thought of what it is going to be like with two babies.  I try not to even think about it.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought that 13-14 months old was pretty old and that it wouldn't be terrible to have two that close together.  Now that Harrison is just over 13 months old, I realize how much of a baby he still is.  I have no idea why I thought a 13 month old would be at all self-reliant.  Foolish of me.  I know that I will survive, that I will make it work, and that every scenario that I am thinking of now will probably (hopefully) not be that bad in reality.  Here's hoping (and praying!)

I am soooooo done with being pregnant.  When I was pregnant with Harrison, I was almost sad that pregnancy didn't last longer than 9 months.  I LOVED being pregnant, there was nothing about it that I didn't like!  This time is totally different.  The pregnancy itself is very similar, no issues or problems or anything at all.  The difference this time - Harrison.  Even though I was working full time when I was pregnant with Harrison, when I got home it was all about me.  I could rest as much or as little as I wanted.  This time around I have little human whose needs surpass my own - even when I felt nauseous and exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep.  Apparently, little humans are like that.  The first trimester was hard because I was feeling so gross, but I napped when Harrison napped (didn't do that after I had him, clearly it takes the first trimester of pregnancy to get me to heed that advice).  But when he was awake, it wasn't too bad.  He wasn't crawling or walking yet, so he was totally content to sit in one spot and play with his toys for extended periods of time.  The second trimester was a breeze.  I had my energy back, could actually play with Harrison without my belly getting in the way.  And then slowly but surely, I started falling apart.  Achy hips and back, sore feet, and huge belly.  This was all around the time that Harrison started crawling and never sat still - ever.  Its almost like he can tell that I would rather not pick him up because it is all he wants to do now is to be held.  Never before has this little boy wanted to be held so much.  But when it is uncomfortable for me - he's all for it.  Go figure.  I am ready for this little girl to make her arrival.  I want my body and energy back!

Any day now, this little princess will make her arrival, and our lives with be forever changed.  I am beyond grateful for this new addition to our family and know that I am extremely blessed.

Oh, and Harrison told me he is super excited to be a big brother!

And because I don't think a post is a post without pictures, here's a look at Harrison's Cake Smash Photoshoot with Megan from Family Creative

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