Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Day in The Life

It has been far too long since I posted something!

Charlotte will be 12 weeks old on Monday and it feels like time has just flown by.  There are times I feel like I'm living in the movie 'Groundhog Day'. Everyday seems to be a repeat of the last. 

Sometimes it gets hard, the monotony and being somewhat housebound thanks to naps (Charlotte is having three right now). My days are spent juggling both of my dear sweet babies.

Here is what a typical day looks like:

7:30am : Sweet Charlotte gets up and feeds

8:00am : Harrison gets up and gets a bottle

8:30am : Breakfast time for Mumma and Harrison

9:00am : Nap #1 for Charlotte

10:00am: Nap #1 for Harrison and now starts my hour of free time which is usually spent showering and getting dressed, cleaning up, laundry etc. stuff that is hard to do with either baby awake. 

11:00am: Charlotte is up and feeds

12:00pm: Harrison wakes up, gets a bottle and Harrison and Charlotte 'play' together 

12:30pm: Nap #2 for Charlotte and then lunch time for Mumma and Harrison

2:00pm: Nap #2 for Harrison and a short break for me before Charlotte gets up at

2:30pm: Charlotte gets up and feeds and we get a good stretch of time to spend together 

4:00pm: Nap #3 for Charlotte and Harrison gets up (sometimes*) and gets a bottle

4:30pm: For some reason Charlotte can't seem to sleep last 4:30, so she is usually up around then

6:00pm: If by some gift from God Charlotte doesn't wake up early, she gets up now and has a feed. Followed by dinner for the family. 

7:00pm: Depending how Charlottes third nap goes, this is the earliest she would go to bed, 7:30pm at the latest

7:30pm: Bath time and bedtime routine for Harrison starts. 

8:00pm: Bottle and bedtime for my little man and quiet time for me and Bobby begins!

10:00pm: Dream feed for Charlotte, and bedtime for me follows soon after!

*Harrison is ready to go down to one nap, but I'm not ready yet! So most often it takes him a long time to fall asleep during his second nap so I let him sleep til 5 at the latest and that usually only happens when he doesn't fall asleep until 4ish

Side note: also thrown into our days are Harrison tantrums and meltdowns, early wake ups from naps (both of them) or non- existent nap times (Harrison). 

It's crazy to see it all written down like that. And in there somewhere I have to get stuff done around the house, run errands, make dinner etc. I am exhausted by the end of the day. 

When Harrison was Charlotte's age, I was super strict with his schedule. Now, I am much more relaxed. I have to be if I want to run errands!

As monotonous and structured as our days are these two babies make me so happy. 

Harrison is at an age where I truly enjoy spending time with him. He is so much fun. He literally runs everywhere, tests boundaries (with a sly smile on his face) loves to 'read books' and throw his toys around. He makes me laugh all the time. When I ask for a kiss, he gives me his forehead. Adorable. 

Charlotte is just too sweet. She takes so much abuse from Harrison with hardly any crying and she usually just looks up at him and smiles. I feel like I can see her growing everyday. I am extremely aware of how fast she will grow out of being a baby so I'm trying really hard to be aware of it and enjoy this time with her. 

I love my babies so much. They bring me so much joy and purpose. This is what I was born to do. 

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  1. So interesting to read about! I've been wondering how you manage them both everyday. You're doing so well :)