Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stop 'Pin-ing' and Start Doing!

Who doesn't love Pinterest. It is the best and worst way to spend your time.  If you're anything like me, you've created boards for things that inspire you, make you hungry or get your 'crafty-ness' amped up.  I have been thinking lately that I sure have pinned a lot of stuff, but have yet to actually do anything with them.

Enough was enough!

I want to stop Pin-ing (not totally - lets be real) and start doing!

I needed to bring a dessert to an Easter gathering on the weekend.  I took to my Pinterest Recipe board for inspiration and when nothing on there tickled my fancy (translate: too much work to make) I started looking up other dessert recipes on Pinterest.

I found this:

Holy Smokes.... these are sooo good!  And so easy to make.  

But as a warning, make sure you have a healthy sized scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on hand or a big glass of milk.  You'll need them!

They were a hit!

Thanks Pinterest!

Now, to find something to do next.....


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