Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anyone Still Out There?

It has been almost a year since my last post.  And it has not been for lack of desire to blog (well, maybe a little bit) but I have been busy!  Life with Harrison has been a huge blessing.  He is such a wonderful little boy, and it has been a joy watching him grow up and change over the last year.

He recently celebrated his first birthday on February 21st!

The changes a baby makes in the first year are incredible.  Hitting all the milestones, and seeing the development is amazing.  There was a time when I wondered if Harrison was ever going to crawl,  I was pretty sure that he was going to go straight to walking.  Little did I know that he would go from immobile to walking within two months!  He crawled for the first time on January 6th, and started walking on February 17th!  He just made it in before his first birthday!

He is such an active little boy - keeps this mumma on her toes!  There is a constant rotation of bruises on his forehead, there always seems to be at least one.

I love this little guy so much!

On top of just going through the first year of parenthood with Harrison, we got a BIG surprise when he was about six months old.

I was pregnant!

Finding out I was pregnant so soon was the biggest surprise of my entire life, no exaggeration.  It took us so long to get pregnant with Harrison (almost 3 years) that I thought it could possibly take a long time to have #2.  With that in mind, we decided that we wouldn't prevent a second pregnancy, but we most definitely would not try.  I didn't even think I could get pregnant so soon!  Little did I know that when I traced back conception, it was almost immediately after I stopped breastfeeding Harrison (milk supply issues).

The first few months were tough.  Feeling gross, yucky, and exhausted is really hard when you have another little human to take care of !

But I survived, and now, at 36 1/2 weeks, I am so close to having two kids (who am I kidding, babies) under 2 (under 1 1/2 really).  Holy smokes!

We are expecting to welcome our little GIRL(!!!!) around April 13th.  I am physically ready to have this baby (it's so much harder being pregnant the second time around!) and I know I will survive once she does arrive.

Actually, what got me back to my blog was checking to see what I packed in my hospital bag when I had Harrison.  I really should get that bag packed soon....

I know my life is going to get crazy pretty soon, but I am so excited for what is in store for our family!  I hope to start blogging somewhat regularly again.  I have Baby Girls nursery to show you, and Harrison's new big boy room (he's in a toddler bed!)

We'll see how it goes!

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