Friday, March 29, 2013

Butterflies & Tutu's

Since I made all of Harrison's crib bedding, I decided that I wanted to 'splurge' and buy a mobile for above the change table.  This time, since I bought the bedding, I decided I was going to make a mobile.

I took to Pinterest for inspiration and knew I wanted something that looked like these:

(Couldn't find the source on Pinterest)

(Couldn't find the source on Pinterest)


With those pictures as my inspiration, I set out to figure out how to bring my vision to life.  Thankfully I know someone fabulous that has a Cricut machine.  This project would not have been possible with her help!

Unfortunately, since I wasn't in blog-mode when doing any of my nursery projects, I have no 'in process' photos.  Sorry...

Anyways, I went to Michaels and picked out two shades of pink paper and grey paper and spent one of Harrison's naps over at her house cutting out butterflies (in three different sizes) on the Cricut.  No specific reason I chose butterflies, I just think they are pretty.

Once I had all my butterflies cut out, it was time to start stringing them up using fishing line.  To add sparkle (because every little girl needs sparkle) and a little weight, I used plastic beads before and after each butterfly and on the bottom of every line.

It was a time consuming and tedious part of the job, but I was just so excited to be making something for my little girl that I didn't care!

After I had all my butterflies strung, It was time to hang them on the frame.  I ended up using a wooden embroidery hoop, because I couldn't think of anything else to use.  I knew I wanted there to be two layers of butterflies, so I strung some fishing line across the hoop so I could attach some butterflies to the 'inside' of the mobile.

Once they were all strung, it was time to do something about the ugly wooden frame. I made it look like a tutu, because, just like sparkle, every little girl needs a tutu.

And here is the finished product:

It is very rare that a something I attempt to make turns out to be just as good, if not better, than I envisioned.  This is one of those times.  Just sayin'.

I absolutely LOVE this mobile, and am pretty proud of myself for making it!  I can't wait to see her look up at the mobile and be in awe of what her mother can do. (Just kidding!)


  1. It is beautiful! Did you just tie knots beneath each bead butterfly combo?

    1. Yes, I did. That probably would have been helpful to note. Rather than just letting people think it just magically hangs there.