Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies & Quilts: A Few of My Favorite Things

On Sunday, I went to a baby shower at The Teahouse in Stanley Park.  I think that this may have been the fanciest baby shower I've ever been too.  We had a private room looking onto the Burrard Inlet, and a menu of delicious items to choose from for breakfast.

The shower was for a friend in my Bible Study group and her new baby Hunter.

In the last year, I have been introduced to the world of Quilting and have gotten into the habit of making baby quilts for my friends.

For Hunter, I made this:

And I 'wrapped' it like this:

Where did that adorable little giraffe that conveniently coordinates with the quilt come from? 

Oh, I made it!

Still needs some perfecting, but I think it looks pretty good for my first stuffed animal!

Baby Hunter loved his quilt and stuffed animal so much, he didn't want to get up:

He was an excellent model.

I have also made these baby quilts:

Baby Judah

Baby Adaya

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due.  My good friend, Amanda, taught me everything I know about quilting.  She showed me the pattern for these quilts and has helped guide me along my way.  

I also blame her for my newfound fabric addiction and the fact that photo's like these set my heart a flutter:

Quilting, and the love of fabric, can be an expensive habit... but it's so worth it when you end up with beautiful gifts!


  1. Oh my!! Those quilts are absolutely TO DIE FOR! You ooze creativity, my friend!

  2. Thanks Vanessa! I LOVE making them so that helps with the creativity!

  3. I love when credit is given! But you are taking our quilting lessons and flying with them. I love your latest quilt very much (and it looks like Hunter does as well!). And who taught you about the stuffie? Or did you find that one online? It looks like a Melly and Me pattern.

  4. My Auntie Berta taught me... and yes, it is a Melly & Me pattern. I'm excited to start (and finish) my next one!

  5. The quilts are just beautiful Desiree! I have the most creative and talented sister! Love your newest one for Hunter!!

  6. I LOVE these quilts! Where did you get the patterns from? I'm really dying to do one similar to the one you made for Hunter!

  7. how big are the blocks for hunters quilt?

  8. Do you know if the pattern still available? I can't find it anywhere and I love it!!

  9. Can you share where you got this pattern from at all?

  10. I am waiting the arrival of my first granddaughter any day now and would love to make this for her! Could you please share where you found this pattern? I love that your backing is minky!

  11. I was wondering where I can get the pattern for the quilts you have posted. They are the cutest.

    Fellow quilter

  12. Where can I get this pattern? I would love to make it for my soon to be born great nephew.

  13. These are the most adorable quilts, I love everyone of them. I have just started quilting and I have 4 friends with babies due the beginning of 2017. Can you please advise where to get the patterns for these quilts. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sherrie

  14. I see there are several requests already, but could you PLEASE at least post the sizes of your triangles on the baby quilt. I can take it from there. I can't find anything similar to what you made and my daughter, who is due in about 6 weeks, would like this for her baby Sloan. We've picked the fabric, just need size of triangles, PLEASE!!!!

    1. I've given up hope of her ever responding. The last post on this blog was 2013, and this picture was posted in 2011.

    2. I commented below, but wasn't sure if you would get a notification. I made this quilt today! It ends up being 48x48. Use the Magic 8 Half Square triangle method and cut your starting squares at 17 3/4" x 17 3/4". This gives you 8 HST blocks that are 8.5" x 8.5". Simple repeat until you get 36 blocks (there will be a little leftover)

  15. Hey everyone, you can figure out the sizes of the blocks by deciding how b wide you want your quilt to be (google "quilt sizes" if you want to be "traditional" or make up your own size), Then you divide that number (in inches) by 6 (bc there are 6 blocks on each row/column). That gives you the finished block sze. From there, you add a half inch for the verticle and a half inch for the horizontal (quarter inch sewing seam on each of the 4 sides) and there you go. That is the size you need to cut.
    Hard to tell from the picture, but I'd guess she used an 8 inch (finished) block. If that's true, you need to cut 8.5 inch squares. And you'll end up with a 48" square quilt. Hope this helps!
    I'm off to see if I have enough in my stash to recreate this gorgeous quilt too ;)

  16. I made this quilt today! It comes together very quickly (about 4 hours from start to finish). The finished size of the quilt was 48x48.

    To make the blocks, follow the instructions for Magic 8 Half Square Triangles. Here's a tutorial: http://chezstitches.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-magic-8-revisited.html

    By stacking two squares on top of each other, you can make 8 HST at once! For this quilt, cut your starting squares to 17 3/4" x 17 3/4". This results in (8) 8.5 x 8.5 raw (or unfinished blocks). The extra half inch goes into the seam allowance when you piece it together. This is PERFECT for fat quarters!

  17. I also have made this quilt using 10" precuts (layer cake) and making 4 Half Square Triangles at once. I trimmed the squares to 6".

    Tutorial: http://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/half-square-triangle-units.html"

    I agree with Rebecca. It was very easy to make. I don't remember the exact size of my finished quilt, but it was around 36" square. I did not add a border, but you could.

    For the initial, I enlarged the letter on my computer, printed it, traced it onto my fabric backed with Heat N Bond, and ironed it on. Did a little zigzag around it to finish it off.