Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Planning is not a new concept for me.

We are entering into week 135 of menu planning.  I started planning our meals shortly after getting married as I found myself stressing out about dinner all day at work, then using my lunch hour to go and get ingredients, and then getting home and discovering that I already had two containers of white vinegar.  What a waste of time and energy!

Menu Planning is such a time and stress saver.  It has worked so well for me and my husband, and I can only assume it will continue to work well once we have kids.

So, for the first time ever online, here is our menu for the week:

Monday:   BBQ'd Salmon, steamed veggies & Broccoli au Gratin
Tuesday:   BBQ'd Homemade Hamburgers
Wednesday:   Spaghetti Bolognese Sauce  
Thursday:   Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs with rice

(My husband said that he wanted to BBQ stuff this week... so BBQ we shall)

You will notice that I only plan Monday through Thursday.  I decided that I will not 'plan' meals on the weekends.  I deserve a break!  So we either go out, make something easy, or get invited to other peoples homes for dinner.

This will change once we have kids, but for now, I enjoy my weekend breaks.

Each week, I will link my 'Menu Plan Monday' post with an awesome blog OrgJunkie.  Check out her site.  Its got lots of great stuff, and you will get lots of recipe idea's.

Happy Menu Planning!!

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  1. Welcome to MPM! So glad you are joining us, whoot!!