Thursday, March 31, 2011


Spring is my second favorite season, second only to Fall.  I love seeing everything come back to life, waking up from a long Winter's sleep.

My yard is starting to 'spring' back too.

The first flower to appear... 

Tulips in the front yard... can't wait to see the colours!

Hyacinth... It's gonna smell so good!

While I hold little hope for my back yard because of this guy:

There's no hope for that garden... He's already got his eye on it.

Oh sure, he looks so cute rolling around...

But he is a garden predator!

So while I have to keep a close eye on Jasper in the backyard in order to ensure that my flowers survive,  I am super excited about my front yard:

Because I didn't know how the bulbs in the backyard would survive, I planted a TON of tulips in the front yard.  I am super excited for when they start to bloom.

Another thing that I love about Spring, is watching the Magnolia Tree at the end of my street bloom:

This tree is huge, and the picture does not do it justice.  It must be ancient to be that size.  My husband and I bought one for our backyard last year, and it looks sad and puny in comparison.

Ah, spring... 

More pictures to follow once I see a little more colour!


  1. We aren't going to be planting any flowers... Safari will probably eat them. But really, that's not the reason we aren't going to plant flowers, I just don't care.... although there are some tulips growing in our front yard...

  2. Oh, how I WISH we could have a magnolia tree. So jealous!!

  3. I love the baby quilts. I am planning a baby quilt now for a friend. She wants a neutral quilt but the design is up to me. Your quilts just may inspire my design. Great blog.