Friday, February 17, 2012

Junk Drawer Be Junky No More!

I was feeling a little ambitious last week, and decided to tackle our junk drawer.  Or, it decided to tackle me, as I couldn't get it to shut.

Here's what I started with:

This was my first shot, but 'something' got in the picture too...

Silly belly, always getting in the way!

I started by emptying the drawer out completely and spread it out all over the counter.

I don't know how half this junk got in there, but I guess that happens when the drawer ends up being the place where you just dump things that have no other place to go.

There ended up being so much garbage in there, and stuff that really did have somewhere else to go.  Like the office, or the garage.

Once sorting through everything, and washing out all my organizers, I was left with this:

This picture makes me so happy.  Everything in it's place, and you can see everything.  There is also a little spot for the Hubbys wallet - perfect!

I'm proud to say that over a week later, it still looks just like this.

It will stay this way.

It will.

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