Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Nursery's Final Touch!

It's finally here! Yay!

I'm so excited that the mobile I ordered off Etsy finally arrived.

I ordered this mobile from a shop called 'lovelyfriend'.

The shop was FANTASTIC to deal with and I was able to customize the colours to coordinate with the nursery.

This shop has so many options, and what sealed the deal for me was that the owls were on an angle so that the baby could actually see what is hanging above him.

I looked at a TON of mobiles on Etsy, and this was the only shop that I saw that angled the animals for the baby's viewing pleasure.  

And really, that's who the mobile is for right?

So, instead of staring at the underside of the animals, this is what my little guy will see while getting his diaper changed:

I think that it's pretty awesome.  It  looks great from every angle!

The only thing this nursery is missing now, is the baby!

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