Thursday, June 16, 2011

And Now For A Break From The Regularly Scheduled Programming...

I debated all day if I even wanted to post about this, but it weighed heavy on my heart.

I'm sure most people have heard by now about the riot that took place after the Vancouver Canucks lost 4 - 0 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

We all saw photos like these:

Watching the news last night brought tears to my eyes and sadness in my heart, that an event as wonderful as the Stanley Cup Final can be tarnished so easily by a terrible group of people.  Even typing this right now I am struggling hold back tears.

Why am I having such a hard time emotionally dealing with what happened last night?  

Because I know we are better than this.

What the whole world saw was not the Vancouver that I know and love.  What, unfortunately, the whole world saw was a small portion of organized thugs and looters that intentionally planned to wreak havoc and destruction in our city.

The Vancouver that I know and love does things like this:

People showed up bright and early in downtown Vancouver to help clean up.  No one was asked, it was not expected but it showed the true colors of our city.

Hundreds of people showed up with trash bags, brooms and lots of heart to show their love for the city.

This is what my city is made of.

People began to write positive messages on the boarded up window of the stores that were vandalized last night.

I hope that the world is given the chance to see, not just the rioting, but also the community that came together to make our city beautiful again.

Vancouver is a beautiful city that I am blessed to be able to call home.  

No riot will take that away from the people who truly love this city.

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