Friday, June 10, 2011

Reusable Printable Planner

A few weeks ago, while down in the States, I stopped at Target (so excited that they are coming to Canada!) and almost bought a Real Simple weekly white board thingy.  If I was planning ahead I would have taken a picture of it, but didn't, and I can't find it online.  So you'll have to just take my word for it that it was about $12 or so.

I figured, "I can make something like that and it will be free!"  

What could be better than that!?

Here is what I did:

Not bad eh?  I designed it on my computer, printed it off and threw it in a frame that I already had.  I use a Sharpie to write on it, it wipes off easily with a little Windex.  

It serves its purpose well!  I can put our weekly menu on it, and also put our events or plans throughout the week (mostly for my husbands benefit).

I like it because it's reusable, free and pretty!

I originally wanted to put it up on our magnetic wall but my husband had issues with nailing something into our magnetic wall. Argh...

So, for now, it rests above the peninsula in our kitchen.

The one that I am using now is in 'landscape', but I also made one in 'portrait'.

If you would like to use one for yourself, send me a quick email and I will send one to you!  Please specify which lay-out you would like.  

Maybe one day I will figure out how to include a link to a document in my post, but until then, send me an email!


  1. Such a great idea to DIY. I love the other decorations on your shelf as well. The hurricane with rocks and a Willow Tree Figurine looks great! I might have to borrow that idea for my house. Great work!

  2. How cool is this! I'm certainly going to try it. Have a good weekend! Hugs!