Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Home For The Trunk!

We finally got our living room re-arranged with our new furniture (two recliners and a couch from Lay-z-Boy) and found a new home for the antique steamer trunk that my hubby re-did.

This is what our living room looked like before:

And now, this is what the area by the window looks like:

Doesn't the trunk look perfect there?  I think so.  Unfortunately I had to shut the blinds to take the picture but I love the way it looks with the blinds open, light shining in, and our pretty trunk in all its glory right in the middle.

I love the way it looks, like the hubby intentionally refinished it to coordinate with the recliners.

It just worked out so well.

In other living room news, see the small entertainment unit against the wall?

With our new furniture, it looked so heavy and bulky, and I just plain hated it.  The hubby and I have been talking for MONTHS about what to do to hold all of our electronic 'stuff'.

Ideally we want to do a built in around the fireplace.  Something like this:

Who knows when that will happen.

But in the meantime, we kept it simple by visiting one of the best stores ever.

LOVE it there.

The hubby took a 2x2 Expedit bookcase:

And made it work for us by turning it into this:

He took out the top divider and put in two shelves that would fit our PVR, Xbox, Wii and Bose system.

I lurve the way this looks, or will look, once I get another basket, cut out the back and hide all those cords on the left side.  Geesh, what an eyesore.  Didn't realize that until I uploaded the photo the this post!

Oh well.

It looks so much better than the old TV stand.  Much lighter looking and airier... if thats a word.

I love it when projects work out!

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  1. Your home looked much better with your two recliners on the window side. It makes your view from the window much better. This is a project well-done. Cheers!