Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Won An Award... No Big Deal

While perusing my Google Reader earlier this week, I discovered that I was given two awards!!

I never win anything, so I am thrilled about this.  I may have gasped out loud when I saw I got these (If Jasper could talk, he would verify)!  I was perusing a fav blog of mine, Excuse Me At The Table & Please. Stefanie felt that I deserved these awards and I am so thankful.

With these awards, comes responsibility

1.) Link back to the person who gave it to you (done!)

2.) Share seven things about myself

             1. I have been married almost four years to the most amazing man I have ever met.

              2. Like Stefanie, I also sleep with a stuffed animal (my Popples) and my baby blanket.

I'm sure at some point my Popples looked like this, but not anymore.

             3. I started being 'crafty' only a year and a half ago thanks to one of my best friends Amanda
This was before we went to see 'So You Think You Can Dance' a few years ago.
We often dress alike unintentionally, but this was definitely intentional

             4. I like the idea of gardening more than the actual act of gardening.  That would explain why                         my garden looks the way it does right now.  No picture necessary.

             5. I often feel 'over-inspired' after going through my Google-Reader and seeing all the awesome blog posts.  This causes me to shut down, and not be crafty.

             6. I love going on Vacation.  I mean, who doesn't.  We tend to vacation every six months.  Since I've been married, my husband and I have gone to Mexico, Miami (twice), Jamaica, Maui (twice), and a 10 day Caribbean Cruise.

             7. Every time I gain a new follower I do a little happy dance. Especially now that the ratio of people I know to people I don't is extremely heavy on the people I don't know side.

3.) Award 15 other new, or newly discovered bloggers.  Well, these are not all new, but they have been inspirations for me and are some of my absolute faves!

1. Freshly Minted Librarian
2. I Heart Organizing
3. I'm an Organizing Junkie
4. Film In The Fridge
5. Home Stories A to Z
6. Just A Girl
7. The Pleated Poppy
8. Young House Love
9. Beneath My Heart
10. A Thoughtful Place
11. Clean & Scentsible
12. Crafty Sisters
13. Little Miss Momma
14. Sassy Sanctuary
15. Thrifty Decor Chick

Thanks again for the award Stefanie!

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  1. A beautiful space you got here! Loved the site banner and pink!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)