Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Week 139

Well, last week was interesting.  We had two new recipes (Ham & Potato Casserole & Cheeseburger Pasta) on the menu.  Let me just say, I'm sure that there are many people that like these recipes, but my husband and I aren't one of them.  I was pretty excited when I was preparing both recipes, but they just missed the mark.  We both enjoyed the potato portion of the casserole, but felt there was too much ham and ended up being quite salty.  The pasta seemed to be missing something... don't know what that could be, but it fell a little flat.

When I asked my husband if these recipes were 'make again' recipes, he said 'I don't think so'.

I tried!  And I will keep trying new recipes, just not this week.

I planned this menu plan and work and didn't have access to my links, so this week, all old favorites.

Here we go!

Monday: Fettucine Alfredo (recipe to follow)
Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie (from M & M Meats)
Wednesday: Vegetable & Pesto Pasta (recipe to follow)
Thursday: I'm out with a friend, so hubby is fending for himself

I'm linking up this post with Org Junkie, as always.  Check our Laura's site for tons of meal ideas!

Happy Menu Planning!

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