Friday, May 6, 2011

Organizing My Shoes.

Before I went on holidays, I told you I would share my shoe storage solution.  Even though I have had this 'solution' for a few months now, I was inspired to share when Jen over at I Heart Organizing started doing a challenge to purge and organize.

Here are the problems that I had to tackle when it came to shoe storage:

  • our house is an older house so there isn't a large entry closet to store my shoes in
  • dog fur, dog fur, dog fur

That last one is the biggest problem.  Prior to my current system, I stored my shoes on a shoe rack at the bottom of our bedroom closet.  I liked this option because when I opened my closet I got to see my pretty shoes all in a row. I didn't, however, enjoy having to dump all the dog fur out of my shoes before I put them on in the morning.  As much as I liked seeing them in all their pretty-ness, I absolutely despised having to dump balls of fur out of them before I put them on.

And because I think shoes are pretty, here's a glamour shot:

I thought of all the places that I had left to store stuff in, and under the bed was at the top of the list.

I headed to Walmart and bought an under the bed storage container similar to this, and after purging a few pairs of shoes, I was able to fit them all in.

Ta da!

I love how this neatly tucks away under the bed, and best of all, it keeps all the dog fur out!  So now when I go and choose my shoes in the morning, I just grab and go! No dumping fur for me anymore!

Yay for organizing solutions!

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